Saturday, December 1, 2012

Argan Oil (Moroccan Oil)

What is Argan Oil (Moroccan Oil)?

Wow! Argan Oil, where have you been all my life?

First I tried this oil as a personal dare about 3 month ago. It was the best decision I've made, and have been using it ever since. I have combination skin, and it's difficult to find products that don't cause my skin to breakout. I just add it to my daily moisturizer and it works so quick and well.

I also put a little bit into my hair after a shower and it leaves it feeling extremely soft and it gives it a healthy shine!

Argan Oil has been used for centuries by the Berber tribe of Morocco as an all-natural treatment for skin and hair. This rare oil has only recently been rediscovered by the Western world as an excellent ingredient in many cosmetic products.

Below I wanna mention some great uses for organic Argan Oil:
1. Moisturiser - this oil is rich in Vitamin E and Omega 6 which has already been scientifically proven to help protect and nourish your skin. You only need to massage a few drops onto your face or body to begin to feel the effects. Pure 100% Argan Oil also contains a number of anti-microbial properties which have been known to fight the signs of ageing. 

It's gentle enough to use on all skin types. Argan Oil easily absorbs into skin to give you a youthful, dewy glow, and has astonishing healing, conditioning, and anti-aging properties. 

2. Hair Conditioner - when used as a hair conditioner, the oil helps dry and damaged hair restore and repair to a natural and healthy look which your friends will surely envyJ Also can be used for treating split ends. 

3. You can use our Moroccan Oil to help prevent stretch marks and protect the elasticity of your skin!

4. Argan Oil has also been known to help alleviate the symptoms of psoriasis, eczema, rosacea and acne.

5. Massaging regularly with Argan Oil will easily keep your hands soft and youthful whilst strengthening brittle nails.

6. Argan Oil is great cuticles softenerJ

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