Friday, November 23, 2012

Oils for hair and skin ♥

Do you want great, healthy looking hair? Every time I walk into get my hair cut, my stylist always says she can’t believe how fast my hair grows and how shiny it is! Oils for hair can help you grow hair fast, reduce dandruff and hair loss, etc.

Skin care regimens are important for a beautiful complexion free from blemishes, large pores and flakiness. Oils for skin provide hydration, create a barrier against Mother Nature :) and penetrate the skin to soften and protect it.

Use 100 pure, organic, cold pressing, extra virgin oils, as it is untainted and untreated. 

Right.. And here is something to start with.. :)

Argan oil, avocado oil, olive oil

But, first, did you know that…
How our hair grows and how our skin looks and feels can change based on:

• What we put on it (synthetic shampoos, conditioners, creams, etc)
• What we eat and drink (good for body=good for hair and skin) 
• What we do (swimming in chlorinated pools, using hair dryer, etc)
• Quality of our shower water (use a shower filter for best results to remove fluoride, chlorine, iron oxides and other contaminants)
• Genetics (what are parents passed down to us)
• How much sleep we have nightly
• Our stress level and 
• Other health conditions (thyroid conditions, hormones, poor circulation, etc)

So, my advice is, in addition to using the oils, review that list and determine if there is something else you need to do to support your skin and hair. This may be as simple as drinking more water!

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